NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The Tour de France placed the world's top cyclists and their carbon-framed stallions on the world stage this month. If you are a bicyclist looking for top quality on the roadways that measure to the Tour's 21 stages, you should learn about the most desirable brands and frames for Tour de France-worthy rides. Learn the price for the most competitive performance to the most luxurious spins. 

The Litespeed T1 -- $5,600

The Litespeed brand is known for creating one of the most expensive road bikes, the Litespeed Blade bike made for auction that has sold for $40,788.

The top model for the brand on the shelves today is Litespeed T1 or Archon. The Litespeed T1's one-of-a-kind titanium frames is built using technology from partnerships with NASA and other researchers. The Litespeed T1 begins at $3,500 for the frame and ranges to $5,600 when sold with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels.

Norco Sight Carbon -- $7,350


The Norco Sight Carbon 7.1 was named one of Outside's Gear of the Year in 2014 and awarded Editors Choice at Bicycling magazine. The Nocro Sight Carbon is famous for its efficient rider experience in the most treacherous terrains.

Applauded for its 27.5-inch wheel, the Norco was praised for its ride as well as its light weight of 26.8 pounds.

Designed for the most daring mountain bikers, the Sight's trail-tuned A.R.T. suspension system can support riders trekking through steep mountain climbs over difficult terrain. Prices for the Norco Sight Carbon series can range from $3,325 for the Sight Carbon 7.2 Frame Kit to $7,350 for the Sight Carbon LE. The prized Norco Sight Carbon is priced at $5,252.

Cannondale Trigger 29 -- $8,000

The Cannondale Trigger is popular among cycling enthusiasts of all kinds. Cannondale frames are made with aluminum or carbon fiber.

The Cannondale Trigger is the company's premiere mountain bike series because of its suspension and innovative design. The Triggers usually weigh in at about 30-pounds and the latest of the series have advanced rear shocks that help to reduce the impact on riders despite sudden changes.

Cannondale embraces a full throttle mountain biker attitude by creating Trigger 29 frames with fibers developed by the military for ballistic armoring. Trigger 29 series ranges in price from $3,000 to over $8,000.

Cervelo P5 Series -- $10,000

The Cervelo brand is popular for making one of the most pricey of luxury rides, the Chrome Hearts x Cervelo. The collaboration between the bike manufacturer and Chrome Hearts results in a $60,000 auction price.

Cervelo ranks its P series as the leading "superbike." This model is one of the most popular among Ironman competition athletes, used most notably by Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde. Designed for long distances and sprints, the brand says the series has won more pro races than any other triathlon and time-trials bikes. 

The Cervelo P5 is known for its aero-hydraulic breaks and revolutionary aerodynamics -- designed using Formula 1-level Computational Fluid Dynamics software and tested for performance in a wind tunnel. The Cervelo P5 is priced at $10,000.

S-Works Tarmac -- $10,500

Specialized is known for its custom fit design. Its S-Works Tarmac was the choice bike by Vincenzo Nibali for his victory at the 2014 Tour de France. 

Calling it the BMW of bikes, Chief Managing Officer Ben Capron said the bikes offer optimal performance being designed to "service the riders from head to toe."

The S-Works Tarmac, the only bike ridden to nine stages in the 21 stages of the Tour de France, is designed with "Rider-First Engineered" technology -- every frame developed individually based on the real-world stresses from rider input. This series of bikes can sell from $2,100 to $10,500. Specialized released the Specialized McLaren Tarmac, their most expensive bike and which costs $20,000 this summer.

Giant Propel Advanced SL -- $11,350

Giant's Propel Advanced SL made headlines as Marcel Kittel rode the bike through four stage wins at the 2014 Tour de France, in this year's edition of the three-week grand tour.

Giant advertises the bike's aerosystem shaping, designed for sprint finishes. This Tour de France-worthy road bike was tested in wind-tunnels for advanced aerodynamic capability. The Propel Advanced SL saves 12-36 seconds over 40 kilometers. It is also favored for its class-leading light weight and superior ride quality. 

Bianchi Infinito series -- $12,399

The Bianchi brand is known for providing exceptional bikes for over 125 years and the Infinito CV Ultegra is one of the most innovative road bikes of its class. 

Named after the countless miles this ride can cover, the Infinito is famous for its Countervail technology -- using carbon fiber materials to help cancel vibrations, with the intention of reducing the rider's fatigue. This technology makes the bike specifically appealing for Pro Tour, Spring Classics racers.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO -- $13,000

Rated as "The Best Bike in the World" by Tour Magazine of Germany in 2012, Cannondale's SuperSix EVO Ultimate is one of the most pricy models in the brand. The most expensive of this road bike series on the market today is the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Black Inc. running at $13,000. 

Advertised for its light frame, the SuperSix EVO Black weighs about 700 grams with its BallisTec Carbon construction method. Cannondale pioneered the construction method of carbon fiber frames that is the foundation for its road bikes as well as many competitors on the road.

Trek EMonda SLR 10 -- $15,749.99.

Trek is best known for the custom butterfly Madone designed for Lance Armstrong to ride in the final stage of the 2009 Tour de France, a bike that sold at auction for $500,000. But auctions and specialty-creations aside, the most expensive bike off the shelf for today's high-end cyclist is the Emonda SLR 10, available for $15,749.99. The carbon-fiber road bike, built for performance racing, was designed to be the lightest complete-production bicycle on the market, weighing 10.25 pounds. 

"We've pioneered and pushed carbon fiber technology in bicycles for over twenty years now and this is the next step in that evolution," wrote Trek Brand Communications Representative, Eric Bjorling, in a note to TheStreet.

If riders are looking to spend more for a personalized ride, Trek also offers a customized bike program, Project One, the program used to create the lavishly priced butterfly Madone. Project One offers riders the ability to pick the color and paint scheme and customize wheels, tires, handlebars -- everything. Project One options begin at $20,000 and only go up from there.

Aurumania Gold Bycle Crystal Edition Gold Bike -- $114,400

Covering the intense rides of the mountains to the most luxurious on city streets -- or maybe through the confines of a heavily secured vault -- TheStreet tops off the list of the most desirable bikes with Scandanavian company Aurumania's Gold Bicycle Crystal Edition. This company focuses more on extravagance than endurance in its design with its bicycle plated with 24-karat gold and decorated with over 600 Swarovski crystals.

-- Written by Kathryn Mykleseth in New York

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