ICON Shareholders Vote In Favour Of All Resolutions At Its Annual General Meeting

ICON plc , (NASDAQ:ICLR), a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, today announced that all resolutions at the Annual General Meeting of the Company (AGM) held on July 29, 2014 (which resolutions had all been recommended by the Board) were all duly passed by shareholders. These resolutions were set out in the Notice of the AGM sent to shareholders dated June 19, 2014 and are available on the ICON plc website.

The resolutions were all passed and the final results of proxy voting were:
1.1 To re-elect Dr. John Climax 37,892,609 37,696,147 61,342 135,120
1.2 To re-elect Prof. Dermot Kelleher 37,892,609 30,919,648 6,821,493 151,468
1.3 To re-elect Ms. Mary Pendergast 37,892,609 37,742,171 15,568 134,870
1.4 To re-elect Dr. Hugh Brady 37,892,609 37,744,531 12,859 135,219
2 To receive accounts and reports 37,892,609 37,792,507 19,961 80,141
3 To authorise the fixing of the auditors’ remuneration 37,892,609 36,078,675 1,730,318 83,616
4** To authorise the Company to make market purchases of shares 37,892,609 37,082,797 11,549 798,263
5** To authorise the price range at which the Company can reissueshares it holds as treasury shares 37,892,609 37,726,183 27,040 139,386

** Special Resolution. All resolutions are ordinary resolutions unless otherwise stated.

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