Huron Consulting Group Opens Discovery Center In San Francisco

Huron Consulting Group (NASDAQ: HURN), a leading provider of business consulting services, today announced the opening of Huron Legal’s newest discovery center in San Francisco to support law department and law firm clients on the West Coast and Asia. The new center offers a full range of services, including: discovery consulting, law department consulting, managed review, data analytics, project management, data collection and forensic services, as well as comprehensive discovery services from preservation and collection through production.

“Escalating costs and expanding complexity of discovery, compliance and legal review make the comprehensive and proactive management of document-intensive projects essential,” said Bob Rowe, executive vice president, Huron Legal. “With the rapid growth in the Bay Area, particularly within the technology, finance, biotech and healthcare sectors, our new center is strategically located to provide clients with direct access to our consultants and managed discovery professionals, as well as to our full range of discovery services.”

Huron Legal discovery centers strategically and cost-effectively manage matter complexity, regulatory requirements, and internal protocols, while defensibly complying with applicable discovery rules. Their protocols are tailored to support clients’ specific needs, including document retention, security, and privacy. The opening of the center in San Francisco brings the total number of discovery centers in the Huron Legal network to 10, with locations in the U.S., India, and the UK, supported by a team of discovery experts and more than 1,600 review professionals.

“One of the biggest challenges for growing companies is how to structure, operate and equip their law departments to control expenses, manage risks and efficiently engage technology. We help them do so in a manner that enables processes, assures compliance, and provides competitive advantage,” said Michael Pontrelli, managing director, Huron Legal. “Our expansion to the West Coast provides Huron with a hub to make our client services even more effective.”

About Huron Legal Discovery Centers

Huron Legal discovery centers provide comprehensive discovery services to corporate law departments and law firms across a diverse group of industries. Discovery center services may include consulting, preservation, data collection and forensics, processing, data analytics and predictive coding, hosting, review, and production for document-intensive projects. With a scalable team of discovery experts and 1,600 review professionals, Huron Legal currently operates 10 discovery centers around the world with locations in the U.S., India, and the UK. In addition, the Company operates a state-of-the art data analytics facility in the U.S. with additional expert resources such as computer scientists, statisticians and data analysts. The discovery centers combine technology with efficient processes all in a secure environment to deliver accurate analyses on a cost-effective basis.

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