5 Ways to Hike Your IRA Contributions

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Investments in individual retirement accounts are at an all-time high, Fidelity Investments reports. That number is up to $4,150, a 5.7% uptick from 2012, and average IRA balances are up as a result to $89,100, up 10% over the same period.

Fidelity's theory is that Americans are doing a good job this year of keeping their New Year's financial resolutions.

"Saving more, paying off debt and spending less were the top three New Year financial resolutions cited in a recent Fidelity study, and our IRA analysis indicates that Americans are taking those financial resolutions seriously," says Ken Hevert, a vice president at Fidelity Investments. "The fact that IRA contributions are up across all age groups is a positive indication that many people are indeed committed to saving for retirement by putting at least a portion of what they earn into tax-advantaged vehicles such as an IRA."

IRA contributions are up across all age groups, with the 50-and-over demographic saving the most. The 70-and-over group saved $4,960 last year, while the 60-69 age group saved $4,990.

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How can you get in on this and increase your own IRA contributions? Here's a quick tips list to work from:

Go mobile. Transmitting money to your IRA is easy now. Fidelity says use of mobile check deposits has grown by 1,000% in recent years. Just snap a photo of your check and send the image to your IRA provider. Virtually all providers offer access to mobile technologies.

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