NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- With 162 games in Major League Baseball's season, teams generally like to have some promotions to help boost attendance. Sometimes that involves giveaways like caps, jerseys and other memorabilia. Other times that might be fireworks or special events for kids.

But the new, big thing at parks around the country is the post-game concert. This promotional tool even has helped raise ticket prices on the secondary market for upcoming concerts during the second half of the season.

The baseball team that has seen the biggest secondary market premiums for their concert series games is the Atlanta Braves. The Braves are currently 55-46 and just a game out in the National League East. But even with the success, fans still seem more excited about the concerts the Braves are hosting in August.

The first concert is Aug. 12 after a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers features Weezer. That game's ticket price has a 12.4% premium over the Braves $53.88 season average, which is even less than the second concert. On Aug. 31 the Braves, hosting the Miami Marlins, features a Newsboys concert afterwards. That concert has a 20% premium over the average price for a home game on the Braves schedule.

The largest premium a single team has seen with the concert series is the Pittsburgh Pirates. On Sept. 13 there will be a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert following the Pirates game with the Chicago Cubs. That game currently has premium of 39.4% from the averaged priced game on the Pirates schedule,  probably more  to do with the reconstituted Lynyrd Skynyrd than a reflection on the city’s interest in the Pirates. There will be a Gavin DeGraw concert after a game against the Cincinnati Reds on Aug. 30, and there is basically no premium for that game from the Pirates’ secondary market average, despite the Reds being a markedly better team than the Cubs.

But not all teams have seen an increase in secondary market average price from these concerts.

The Colorado Rockies have two concerts coming up, and both games have lower ticket averages than the Rockies season average. The first concert is on July 27 following a game against the Pirates. Sara Evans is the artist, but the show is seeing a 17% decrease in price. That’s a big deal considering the Rockies ticket average is just $46, which is one of the lowest in the entire league. On Aug. 24 the Rockies have a Jeremy Camp concert after a game with the Marlins, and that game has a 20% decrease in price. That’s the largest discount any team has seen for a post game concert.

Overall, five teams have two post-game concerts remaining on their schedule, and two more teams have one. In addition to the Pirates, Rockies and Braves, both the New York Mets and Tampa Bay Rays have two post-game concerts remaining. The Mets have a premium of 19% for the Aug. 16 concert with Boyz II Men, but have a 15% discount from the average game on the Mets schedule when Austin Mahone plays on Sept. 27. Both the Rays concerts have a positive premium, but the Sept. 7 show with the Wiggles just has a 2% increase. The Christmas in July concert is the bigger seller with a 22% premium above the average Rays ticket.

The Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers are the two teams with one concert each, and both have seen price increases. The Nationals’ Martina McBride concert on Aug. 16 has the second largest premium at 23% above the average secondary market price for Nationals tickets, and the Rangers have a 13% premium for a Joe Nichols concert on the same day.

Major League Baseball teams have started having concerts after games to entice fans to continue to attend games during their marathon seasons. The effect has been positive for some franchises, but not for all.

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