The 10 Least 'Socialist' States in America

Updated to include the 10 most socialist states in America.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Winston Churchill once said that "socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Now when you put it that way, socialism doesn't sound so fair.

If you echo Churchill's sentiment and would feel cheated by the fruits of your labor going towards less fortunate residents, then you might consider moving to one of these least "socialist" states in the country.

Socialism at its core is a political term applied to an economic system in which individual property, like money, is held and used in common, within a state or a country as an attempt to equalize the standard of living for the average citizen.

In a completely socialist society, there would be no money. Basic needs such as food, shelter, education and healthcare would be available and provided to everyone, so division of classes based on wealth would not exist.

Where in America can we see evidence of this happening or not happening? Are some states less socialist than others? And if so, how do we define the least socialist state? 

In order to measure the degree to which different states reflect socialist principles, we determined state expenditures and state GDP as the best indicators because socialist states tax and spend a higher percentage of their GDP. We used data on the total state expenditures for fiscal year 2013 from the most recent National Association of State Budget Officers report and pulled 2013 gross domestic product by state data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Then, it was basic mathematics; the FY2013 state expenditure divided by the state's 2013 GDP.

After all the number crunching, we have come up with the 10 most socialist states in America followed by the 10 least socialist... 

#10 Most Socialist State - Wisconsin

Total State Expenditures (FY 2013): $42.8 Billion

Gross Domestic Product (2013): $254.1 Billion

Expenditures as Proportion of GDP: 16.2%

"America's Dairyland" is the 10th most socialist state in America on this list with its economy largely driven by manufacturing, agriculture, and health care. Wisconsin is known for high property taxes and ranks fourth nationally in this category.

Its residents have voted for Democrats in nine of the last 10 presidential elections.

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