It's a speedy drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, some 20 miles north of Los Angeles, up to Malibu.
On a busy summer weekend, the mansions that line the highway are attended by dapper valets welcoming guests from the city for lively soirées while salt-kissed beach babes carry their 6-foot surfboards above perfectly sculpted bodies and wind-blown blonde hair.

Friday 4 p.m. -- Prepare for landing

There are two ways residents arrive at Malibu. If you happen to be Larry Ellison-rich, drop your G5 into Santa Monica Airport and helicopter along the coast to your own private helipad. Turn-around time from airport to house is around 10-minutes.

Everyone else should arrive via LAX, Virgin America nonstop service from JFK, and splurge on a prime piece of rental car like a Carrera Convertible or Mercedes SLR from Budget Beverly Hills.

5 p.m. - Check In at Beach Pad

Tell your friends you're staying at David Geffen's, well at least kind of, as you check in to his newly renovated Malibu Beach Inn, located a short jaunt from the billionaire's own Malibu beach pad. A California-inspired beach hotel located directly on the shores of the Pacific and curb of the PCH, be sure to check into an oceanfront room to maximize your views, sound of the surf and distance from the adjacent highway.

7 p.m. -- Happy Hour and Social Fishing

Few beachside cities are as besieged by Corolla-cruising tourists as Malibu. Oceanfront bars likes Duke's and Chart House are a flytrap of everybody you don't want to be seen carousing with in order to make a few key social contacts and hopefully score some beach party invites. Head over to the new Malibu Pier Club and chat up the local staff and great happy hour scene of locals and visitors in the know.

8:30 p.m. -- The Malibu Bikini Dinner

A Friday night feast will likely create a weekend-long bloat for anyone wishing to show off his or her best swimsuit assets. Make like Jennifer Aniston and Courtenay Cox and head into Nobu. A frill-free strip-center dining space is home to one of the world's most famous sushi chefs, serving up delicious protein-packed sashimi platters and sushi rolls for anyone forgoing summertime carbs.

10 p.m. -- Party Like a Rock Star

It's the biggest nightclub in town, Malibu Inn is a rock and roll-themed dive bar in a converted diner on the PCH. Park and walk from your hotel and enjoy all the boozy festivities without having to worry about driving, or even worse finding one of the few cabs working the area.

The crowd is 80% locals including some of the sexiest singles you'll see at the beach, but with their clothes on of course.


9 a.m. -- Get Your Workout In

Grab your gear, get into your car, and hit the highway to the Malibu Gym, located five minutes up the highway at Kanan Dume Road.

Don't forget to hit the juice bar when you're done for a drinkable breakfast. This is also a great place to ask around about local parties and afternoon get-togethers. Be chatty and don't wait till someone talks to you. If all else fails, latch onto a trainer and pay for an hour of lifting and chatting.

11 a.m. -- You're wearing that?

If you're gonna party in Malibu, your outfit better be fierce. Women should wear current-season designer labels with versatile cover-up that's pulled out for transportation and grand unveilings. Guys should wear board shorts that actually fit and don't create a jellyroll over the back; elastic Vilebrequins are also a win-win option. Bring a good bronzer to put on before you hit the beach, it will camouflage your pasty skin and offer an SPF for protection.

1 p.m. -- Hit The Beach

Hopefully after Friday happy hour, an evening at a rock club and morning at a very social gym, you'll have at least a few beach options for the day. If your social skills were a dud, hit the beach directly in front of the hotel known as Billionaire's Beach. Walk south along the water and take in the stunning views and various parties you should have been invited to where music and pretty people bask in the afternoon sun.

Once you get bored, head down to Surfrider Beach where 20-something surfers and lifelong beach bums dominate the shore throughout the summer.

5 p.m. -- Another Happy Hour

On a picturesque bluff near Zuma Beach, Geoffrey's is a Malibu institution known for its summer social hour and lively singles scene. A busy valet area pays preference to Ferraris and celebrity entourages as guests make their way to the outdoor terrace of Rosé-sipping singles and rockers on weekend hiatus. Make your rounds and don't let your inhibitions prevent you from joining other conversations. Whatever you do, leave your camera in your car despite the top-notch ocean views.

8 p.m. -- Dinner at Zuma Beach

By day, the area of Zuma Beach is dominated by commuting San Fernanado Valley residents who take over this massive stretch of sand as their own.

By night, the crowds recede and locals come down from their $45 million homes to enjoy the head-on ocean views and organic, locally sustained cuisine at The Sunset. The well-known space has lived through various restaurant names that inevitably never last through winter off-season. The owners also run Ca del Sole in Universal City and nearby Moonshadows.

10 p.m. -- Beach Blanket Bash

Even if you don't have a Saturday night party invitation, we encourage you to keep the night going.

If the guard at Malibu Colony is as close as you get to the party action, make your way to Moonshadows for Saturday Sessions -- a weekly DJ party offering electronic tunes and stunning views of the crashing Pacific. The lively bar almost feels like a private party, if you squint and ignore the drink prices. Plus, you may bump into regulars like Britney Spears or Mel Gibson, who are part of the bar's Hall of Fame.


10 a.m. -- Party Repentance Brunch

Nothing says hangover like the all-you-can eat brunch every Sunday at Duke's. A lively beach shack of Hawaiian-themed food and American classics is home to a lively weekend brunch in comfortable booths good for a post-pancake snooze. The oceanfront location couldn't be more spectacular, and the staff couldn't be hotter in their tropical print uniforms and short shorts.

12 p.m. -- Shopping Solstice

Hit the Malibu Country Mart to get your last-minute weekend shopping fix.

New outposts of Double RL and Ralph Lauren are arranged in a cute beach-style strip center with center playground of chatty nannies and bratty children. Outposts of Chrome Hearts and Madison make for good hangover shopping before making your way to Tra de Noi for a last-minute lunch to finish off the weekend.


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