Apple Dominates Google’s Hot Searches

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Google released its Zeitgeist 2010 report Thursday, which tracks the “fastest rising” search terms of the year. Unlike Yahoo!, which recently released its own list of the most popular search terms from the year, Google’s list is more focused on which search terms increased the most in popularity over the previous year.

Partly thanks to this methodology, Apple dominated the rankings with the iPad and iPhone 4, neither of which existed last year. The tablet and smartphone took the top two spots in the consumer electronics section, and the iPad took second in the overall rankings behind video-chat site Chatroulette. Facebook and Twitter also cracked the top 10.

The Gulf oil spill and the earthquake in Haiti took the top two spots in Google’s news searches in the U.S., but it was major celebrity scandals – Brett Favre’s sexting, Tiger Woods’ sexing, Lindsay Lohan’s breakdown and Sandra Bullock’s breakup – that dominated the rest of the top 10. The report also measured trends in food, with the increasingly popular “cupcakes” taking the bronze medal in those rankings. Domino’s Pizza, which revamped its menu earlier in the year, also saw big gains in 2010.

Meanwhile, the top three most-searched Halloween costumes were Snooki, Katy Perry and Avatar. And the award for strangest search of the year went to that age-old question: “Can a horse have OCD?”

The answer? Yes, horses do occasionally suffer from Osteochondrosis. Thanks for searching.

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