Deal Spotlight: Half Off Nalgene Products

I had a Nalgene water bottle when I was in college, but I wound up getting rid of the big, heavy thing. The wide mouth made it so half the time I tried to drink from it I got a face full of water, and if you didn't have a dishwasher it was difficult to clean them, so they wound up smelling really bad after a while. And despite the company's popularity among outdoorsy types, there were rumors that the chemical they used to make their bottles, bisphenol A (BPA), was associated with various health problems.

So I was a little skeptical when I saw a coupon code for 50% off all Nalgene products on, but it looks like the company's come a long way since I was in college. While the big bottles for campers are still there, it also has plenty of slimmer models for people who don't walk around with a giant hiker's pack. It’s got bottles with drinking spouts (like this sharp-looking “On the Fly” model here), so you can walk and drink at the same time. And Naglene’s stopped using BPA to make its bottles, so health concerns are no longer a problem.

This is a deal worth checking out. The coupon code to enter at checkout is OCTOBER, which we've confirmed gives you 50% off the entire order, and while it normally costs $4 to ship, shipping is free if your after-coupon purchase price is over $10.

Take advantage of this offer soon, though. While there's no indication of when the coupon expires, it stands to reason that it's only good for the month of October.

Don't want to spend too much? Check out our Deals & Steals hot topic for more bargains. Don't want to spend anything at all? There's plenty of Free Stuff to be had as well.

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