Deal Spotlight: 4 Movie Tickets for $20

Remember when movie tickets cost $5? Today’s Groupon will take you back to those days, if you are willing to jump through a few hoops to get there.

First, you must buy the coupon on Groupon for $20, then redeem it at for another coupon code, which can then be used on or for four tickets to your favorite (participating) local cinema.

There are deadlines to consider as well. Like all Groupons, it must be purchased by the end of the day, so get it by midnight tonight. Once you’ve got the Groupon you must redeem it at by Jan. 5, 2011. And once it’s redeemed there, you’ve got 90 days to use your allotted tickets at one of the two movie sites.

Got all that?

It sounds complicated, but when all is said and done you get tickets for $5 a pop, a huge bargain in the era of $14 3-D movies. While the promotion is offered through Groupon Jacksonville, they can be used at any Fandango or theater in the country. The tickets can be used for all movies up to $14 including IMAX and 3-D (anything over $14 and you pay the difference). And you can get up to 10 Groupons for a total of 40 tickets, so get as many tickets as you think you’ll use in the allotted time period.

Note: At the moment some users are complaining that the deal doesn’t allow access to, but Groupon insists that the codes are indeed valid there; we’ll update if and when the issue is resolved.

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