4 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

You can’t escape the barrage of auto insurance ads on TV (unless you turn the set off), but you can take some concrete steps to reduce your car insurance premiums – in ways that are perfectly legal, but that might tick off a talking gecko.

Average car insurance premiums tend to vary from state to state, with Louisiana demanding the highest average rates in the nation, at $2,510.87, and Maine at the low end of the spectrum, at $902.85.

No matter where you live, you can usually save some significant coin on your car insurance if you follow the following steps:

Get some “rec” room. If you work at home, or have a second car sitting in your garage that you drive occasionally, you may qualify for a lower “recreational vehicle” insurance rate.

Insurance companies are all about playing the percentages. The less you drive a vehicle, the less at risk you are to get in accident and force the insurer to pay out. Insurers, therefore, will offer lower rates for a car that’s not used to commute to work or to school. The cut-off rate for mileage is usually about 7,500 miles per year. Check with your insurer for details.

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