Great Bank Savings Rates for Kids

With the national average rate for 12-month CDs hovering around .67%, it may come as a surprise that some banks and credit unions are offering savings accounts and CDs with rates as high as 5%. But there’s just one catch: You must be a kid.

Several banking institutions around the country offer special savings accounts or CDs specifically for children. While they tend to have deposit limits and are usually limited to children under the age of 18, a few are distinguished by APYs much higher than other accounts.

“It’s geared towards children who are trying to build up their savings, which is what they should be doing in this environment,” says Stephen Cohen, vice president for marketing and community relations for LGE Community Credit Union in Atlanta.

The LGE Union in Atlanta is offering a savings account with a mind-blowing 5% interest rate – though that’s only on the first $500 deposited. Cohen says the program, which began in March, has been enormously successful in large part due to its many kid-friendly features. Depending on their age, children are placed in one of three “clubs,” all of which earn the same rate:  the Dollar Dog Kids Club (ages 5-12), Cha-Ching Savings (ages 13-17) or the Edge Savings (ages 18-22). In addition to an interest rate that would make most adults salivate, children who open accounts are also given a toy, a newsletter and a card on their birthday.

Parents can also teach kids about balancing liquidity with interest with a certificate of deposit. Here too, select banks offer rates miles ahead of most CDs. One such institution is the National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union, which limits membership to people who work in the health care industry in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. (immediate family members can also apply). Children of members can open a five-month CD known as a “Hi-Five Youth Certificate” for a 5% APY for five months. The one catch is that there’s a $1,000 deposit limit.

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