Earphones for 69 Cents

For all the talk of online shopping replacing brick and mortar stores, there are still plenty of things we refuse to buy online. Ordering clothes online is generally a recipe for ill-fitting disaster, unless you’ve already tried it on in the store and know it fits. Food is another one; Omaha Steaks promises it packages its meat in coolers with dry ice, but I’ve had enough misadventures with the postal service not to trust them with my rib eye.

Then there’s headphones. A few months ago I ordered a pair of earbuds on Woot.com for $20, but when they arrived I found they wouldn’t stay in my ears. All the reviews were positive, so maybe I just have abnormal ears. In any case, I now refuse to buy headphones unless I’ve had a chance to test drive them.

Still, when they cost less than a buck, why not take a chance? These earphones at Meritline are 69 cents with the coupon code MLCK2547830902AL1, which comes courtesy of Slickdeals.net. Just enter the code at checkout and the deduction will be taken. Now, the earphones were already marked down to $2.75, so chances are you’re not getting anything special; but at 69 cents with free shipping, it couldn’t hurt to try. Even if you’ve already got a pair, it’s nice to have a cheap backup around in case you’re going on a trip and can’t find your usual earphones.

Standard disclaimer: While we always test out coupon codes before we post them, they don’t always last long, so go check this out now!

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