Deal Spotlight: JoS. A. Bank Clearance

Here at MainStreet, we like to focus on, well, Main Street. That means that we tend to steer clear of high-end places like Jos. A. Bank, which regularly sells suits for upwards of $1,000 and polo shirts for $90. Those kinds of prices may sell on Wall Street, but here on Main Street we tend to be more sensible about what we spend on clothes.

With that said, we’ll never pass up the opportunity to get Wall Street styles for Main Street prices, and that’s exactly what’s happening at Jos. A. Bank’s clearance sale. The sale runs through Labor Day weekend, and while supplies are limited, here are some of the big deals you can land.

Signature 2-Button Patterned Suit
Regular: $795  Sale: $150

According to the website, this suit is “meticulously detailed with scalloped facings, superior linings and Italian cotton pocketing.” That’s right: even the pockets are imported.

Signature Patterned Spread Collar, French Cuff Dress Shirt
Regular: $99.50  Sale: $24.99

I could never justify spending more than $60 or so on a dress shirt, because I’m a messy eater and I know I would wind up dropping a chunk of cheese steak on it and be out $100. When it’s marked down to $25, though, you can look good without feeling the need for a bib every time you eat.

David Leadbetter Stays Cool Long Sleeve Cotton Polo
Regular: $89.50  Sale: $14.99

Who spends $90 on a polo shirt? Not you, if you get this while it’s on sale.

Silver Herringbone Bow Tie
Regular: $49.50  Sale: $9.99

You’ll be the toast of the town in this fancy bow tie! It’s also pre-tied, so you won’t have to go on YouTube to figure out how to tie it yourself.

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