Banking Deals of the Week: July 28

Finding good bank deals these days isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Consumers certainly feel this way. A new study by StrategyOne shows that 65% of Americans fear a “double-dip” recession, and 64% of those surveyed say they see either few signs or no signs of an economic recovery here in the U.S.

In addition, most Americans don’t see any help on the economic horizon. Of those surveyed by StrategyOne, 70% say they don’t expect to see an economic recovery until the end of 2011. Another 23% say that the U.S. economy will never fully recover.

One last statistic from the StrategyOne survey — 67% of survey respondents say they are living paycheck to paycheck right now.

That last number shows the importance of wringing every last penny out of consumer banking investments. That’s what we do here at Deals of the Week, and this week is certainly no exception.

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