10 Hot Cars You Can't Have

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- You think having a lot of clout and a big stack of cash will get you the car of your dreams? Get in line, pal.

For each rush-hour racer who simply must have the newest sporty six-figure supercar and each expressway environmentalist who lusts after the latest plug-in hybrid, there are hundreds of others vying for the same vehicle. In a world of 6.8 billion people, overlap is bound to occur.

Despite a more than 10% drop in U.S. auto sales between May and June (still up 14.4% from June 2009), coveted cars are selling out and waiting lists are expanding. Special editions from Ferrari and McLaren and anticipated plug-ins from GM's (MTLQQ) Chevrolet and Nissan (NSANY) (Stock Quote: NSANY) are longstanding prizes, but more common models from GMC and Ford (F) (Stock Quote: F) have also become precious commodities.

(MTLQQ) (NSANY) (F) TheStreet scoured the market and found 10 examples of cars that won't be on your local lot, but that investors and early adopters considered worth the wait.

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