New Site Mixes Job Hunting, Social Networking

You know there’s something wrong with the world when it seems like there are more job sites than jobs. This hasn’t stopped several promising new job search engines from popping up this year. launched in March and helps people promote themselves by marketing small tasks they can do for $5 a pop. Then there’s, which launched in May, and allows mentors and instructors to offer private lessons on everything from weight loss to guitar. And, of course, there are the standard sites like Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, LinkedIn and countless job search forums.

Now, another new site has launched for job hunters, but do we really need it?, a site that launched this month, is trying to distinguish itself from the pack with an incredibly bold mission statement. The goal of the site is to help “rid the world of unemployment.” Will they accomplish it? We can’t say for sure, but the site definitely has the potential to be an excellent tool for freelancers.

Tischen (not to be confused with Taschen, the publishing company) allows job seekers to create a colorful profile page advertising their desired position, hourly salary and location. The page is very customizable so you can personalize it much as you would your own blog. Plus, Tischen lets you keep track of how many people are visiting your page, gives you a calendar to show your availability and even provides you with a free downloadable set of business cards.

According to Tischen, the site is mainly designed for freelancers, whether they are students looking for part-time jobs or contractors looking to do consulting work. So when people visit your Tischen page, they can look at where you have worked and what days you’re available and then make the decision to contact you through the site for a freelance gig.

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