Behold: The Footlong Burger

This may go down as the year of absurd fast food. In the first half of 2010, KFC revolutionized the sandwich with the Double Down, IHOP started selling pancakes stuffed with cheesecake and Friendly’s introduced a massive, 1,500-calorie Grilled Cheese Burger Melt that can burst your arteries from 15 feet away.

Now, Carl’s Jr. is hoping to take it up a notch by combining two of the most popular fast foods in America: footlong subs and cheeseburgers. AOL News reports that the fast food chain is currently testing a new meal at several of its California stores called the Footlong Cheeseburger. It’s the size of three burger patties laid side by side, served up with onions, pickles and cheese on a 12-inch sub. ( has the pictures.)

Is it disgusting? Maybe. But it only costs $4, so now I kind of want one. And you probably won’t need fries with it since you’ll eat the equivalent of a box of fries in bread form, so that’s even more money saved.

What’s interesting is that there seems to be a schism growing in the fast food world. On the one hand, fast food chains like Carl’s Jr., KFC and Sonic are going all out by introducing new unhealthy dishes to attract customers while others like Wendy’s and McDonald’s are becoming more high-end, and dare we say, healthy.

It’s unclear when or if the footlong burger will make its way to other parts of the country, but as the Christian Science Monitor points out, there are other restaurants that sell burger subs already. So, there may very well be a market for these things. But Carl’s Jr. should be careful before it officially adds this item to the menu. As we’ve reported before, Subway has been on a crusade recently to trademark the word ‘footlong’ when used in association with sandwiches and has actually issued a cease and desist letter to at least one restaurant who had the word on the menu.

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