iPhone 4 Orders Cancelled at Last Minute

Sorry, this revolution will not be delivered.

More than 600,000 customers have already signed up to pre-order Apple’s (Stock Quote: AAPL) new iPhone 4, which has just started to ship. However, a growing number of people are complaining that Apple or AT&T (Stock Quote: T) have cancelled their orders.

Several readers wrote in to Gizmodo, a popular technology blog, complaining that their iPhone orders had been cancelled at the last minute. In one case, a customer received an e-mail from Apple saying he had failed to “complete the authorization process” and so his order had been cancelled. But most complained that the cancellation came without reason.

Representatives from AT&T and Apple have come out and said that the cancellations are only hitting those who accidentally made multiple purchases during the pre-ordering process. Still, that doesn’t answer complaints like this one from a Gizmodo reader: “My apple order got cancelled, ive been calling back and forth to Apple and ATT.. they both have no idea why it was cancelled, att says apple was out of stock and apple says att said i wasnt eligible.... they say alot of people are calling about it.”

Even before this news, the release of the iPhone 4 had been plagued with problems. As we reported last week, the massive amount of people pre-ordering the phone essentially paralyzed AT&T’s Web site, and what’s worse, there were incidents of customers having their personal account information leaked on the site.

The new iPhone 4 will be available in stores starting this Thursday, but in the meantime, there is a way to make your old iPhone feel new again. Today Apple is releasing the newest operating system that will be on the iPhone 4. This operating system will include features like the ability to have multiple apps open at the same time and an application that allows you to read books on the phone. It is available to download for free. All you have to do is connect the device to your computer and you will automatically be prompted to download the update.

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