How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

With warm weather, comes the beach! But, how many times have you been to the beach and realized you've forgotten something? Never be without your beach essentials again — keep clicking to learn how to pack wisely and well for any beach outing.


There are a few things you should do before you leave for the beach, in addition to packing your beach bag.  Make sure the whole family applies water-resistant SPF all over their bodies after showering.  This allows your first round of sun protection to activate (many sunscreens take 30 minutes to activate), and it also prevents those funny burns you can get along your bathing suit line  when you apply sunscreen at the beach.  (Keep clicking for my specific SPF recommendations).

Protect your hair - If you have color treated hair, use an SPF product like Miss Oops Block Your Locks SPF 15 Finishing Spray.  The sun can do a number on your hair color, so since you are paying a premium for it to look a specific way, make the effort to protect it!

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Next, if you have a manicure or pedicure, protect it from the sun with a topcoat like Orly Sunscreen for Nails, which provides UV protection so your polish color doesn't change or fade.

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Ok, now let's make sure you have everything you need for your beach outing.

Beach Bags

The crucial starting point to any beach trip is the bag.  Your beach bag should be roomy enough to hold all your beach essentials (at least 15"x12"x5"), comfortable to carry and water-resistant.  Storage pockets are always a plus.

I love the Belle Isle Floral Tote from Lindsay Phillips. It's very big, water-resistant AND it comes with a matching towel that rolls up and fits snugly in the bag! Two necessities in one, and super cute to boot!

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If you're carrying a lot of food to the beach, bring it in a collapsible bag.  Chicobags makes these great bags that you can stuff like crazy (they have handy outside pockets for your beverage bottles, but when you're done, they fold up into a little zipper pouch!

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