7 Cell Phones for Seniors

Finding a simple and reliable cell phone for a senior can be a tricky task, especially given the popularity of much more complicated smartphones.

And with 91% of the U.S. carrying cell phones, according to wireless industry trade group CTIA, it can be difficult to find an easy-to-use device for beginners or no-frills phone users.

You can sort through new phones online by specific features listed on a cell phone carrier’s Web site, but unfortunately you can’t sort by simplicity. Luckily, some of the simplest phones are often the cheapest.

Beyond those offered by mainstream carriers, there are cell phones and plans made specifically for seniors, who don’t need the numerous applications that are available for iPhones (Stock Quote: AAPL) or Blackberries (Stock Quote: RIMM).

Here are some of MainStreet’s favorite easy-to-use cell phones with senior-friendly features.


Today’s Jitterbug phone isn’t as simple as its widely-advertised first-generation version, which could be programmed only to call the operator, home or 911, but it’s still straightforward and easy to use.

Senior-friendly features: The Jitterbug has large number keys for easy dialing, powerful speakers, a dial tone like that of a landline and 24-hour customer service with live operators by dialing “0.”

Price: $147 for the phone and monthly plans starting at $14.99 with Jitterbug wireless; AAA members can get the Jitterbug phone with GreatCall wireless service plans at a 5% discount, the wireless carrier says.

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