FDA Launches Safety Reporting Tool

The Food and Drug Administration has gone viral, announcing today its launch of a Web site that will allow retailers and consumers to readily report safety and health issues to the federal government.

The Safety Reporting portal, co-sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, currently allows users to report safety problems related to food, animal feed, animal drugs and human gene clinical trials. So, for example, if your dog becomes ill after taking a certain medication for an eye infection, you could go online and let the FDA know.

The portal’s scope is expected to increase over time. According to the Web Site, the portal “will ultimately enable anyone with Internet access the ability to report a safety concern about a medical product as well as foods, cosmetics, animal feed and veterinary products.”

The portal is intended to make it easier for organizations to submit reports required by law to the FDA and the NIH, but it can also be used by researchers, health care professional, public health officials, and concerned citizens who encounter possible threats to public health.

“We will now be able to analyze human and animal safety-related events more quickly and identify those measures needed to protect the public,” Mary A. Hamburg, Commissioner of Food and Drugs, said in a press release.

Touted as the first step toward a one-stop electronic reporting system, the portal will currently redirect any user who has an inquiry unrelated to the current four areas of focus to an appropriate contact.

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