20 Cities Surviving the Recession

This recession has been a brutal one for many job-seekers. The job market has deteriorated in many parts of the country, but some cities were harder hit than others, and some cities are starting to emerge from the recession, offering new job opportunities.

Things do seem to be improving on the jobs front — at least in some places. Indeed, Forbes offers a list of cities where the recession is easing, based on data from the 40 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Yahoo Hot Jobs also reports on cities that are offering expected job growth in 2010. Plus, since future job growth is linked to green industries, EmploymentSpot.com looks at cities with green job markets. Here are 20 cities where the recession is ending — and you might be able to find a job.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital is on its way to recovery from the recession, and this includes Arlington and Alexandria in Virginia. Job growth is beginning, reports Forbes, and home prices appear to be stabilizing somewhat. The government is hiring again, and that is helping matters along for the D.C. area as well.

Austin, Texas

The Austin area has seen good job growth even during the recession, showing a job growth of 0.32%, according to HotJobs. Austin jumped from number four to number one on the Milken Institute list used by HotJobs. The capital of Texas has been somewhat protected from the effects of the recession. Texas has been a good place to be this entire recession, and Austin is one of the leaders.


The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is doing well, also, providing a beacon of economic hope in the Midwest. While the job growth potential may not be as good as in some Texas cities, Minneapolis nevertheless shows solid progress in job creation, including in areas of green jobs, reports Employment Spot.


Another Texas town, Dallas is offering some encouraging signs of economic recovery and job creation. Included by Forbes in this area is Fort Worth and Arlington. While not as far along as Austin, Dallas still provides a number of opportunities for those looking to escape some of the ravages of recession.

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