Domestic Terrorists or Fierce Patriots?

Most people spend time shopping around for homes, but Jackiya Dionea Ford decided it’d be better just to steal one. So earlier this month, she left Los Angeles and moved to Missoula, Mont., where she found a vacant house for sale. She asked the owner to give her a tour of the place, and then quickly made her move.

"After their initial meeting, Ford delivered paperwork claiming ownership of the house and all the land in a 20-mile radius around it,” the town’s local paper reported. “She offered to drop the lawsuit if [the owner] paid her $900,000 in pure silver and gold.” But before the owner or the town knew what hit them, Ford had moved into the house, changed the garage code and all the locks, and started firing off more complex lawsuits and legal papers.

When authorities arrived at the house to investigate the situation, Ford “came speeding down the street” to meet them and told the police that she was a “sovereign citizen of the republic of America,” and was not subject to their laws. Unfortunately for her, the authorities didn’t see it the same way and she was arrested.

Not much is known about Ford in particular. A Google search of her name reveals little except a song she released on iTunes called “Save Your Soul” and an unusual LinkedIn profile, in which she claims to have been in “many marches with Dr. Martin Luther King” and to have held two jobs. The first is being the CEO of Mcjala Entertainment Inc, a company that only exists on MySpace; the second is a position she calls Freeman on the Land, which she claims to have held since December 1972. For the description of this position, she lists only two words: “Sovern citizen.” (Yes, she misspelled her own belief.)

The Sovereign Citizens may not be a household name yet, but depending on which side you’re on, this movement is either trying to improve the lives of Americans or destroy the country one person at a time. At least one group of Sovereign Citizens claims to be part of the "Patriot Movement." However, the American government does not view them as patriots, and several federal agencies have already warned the public about the movement.

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