Teen Texting Is Out of Control!

Racking up 6,807 texts in a month may seem incredible, but 17-year-old Sofia Rubenstein pulled it off in 2007 without even trying.

She texts “whatever pops into my head. There's no stopping it," Rubenstein told The Washington Post.  "Sometimes I'll be on the phone with someone and I get texted, and then I'm having two conversations at once."

Rubenstein was sending out more than 200 texts per day, but surprisingly, compared to some of the other texting stories we discovered, she isn’t even a particularly heavy texter among other kids her age.

Texting has become the primary mode of communication for many teens, surpassing face-to-face communication, instant messaging, e-mailing and calling, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project.  Phone calls are, however, the main way kids contact their parents.

The Numbers

Teenage girls send out an average of about 100 text messages a day and often use texting as their primary mode of communication, according to Pew Research and half of all teens send at least 50 texts a day. Even though teenage boys are more resistant to texting, they still send about 20 messages a day on average.

And with or without a cell phone plan, constant texting could mean thousands of dollars in overages or, at the very least, a bill that requires nearly a full ream of paper to print.

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