CompUSA May Return & Other Consumer Buzz

Here’s your Wednesday morning roundup of a few key stories in the world of consumer news. Read through and impress your friends with how up-to-date you are.

They’ll Be Back: Rumor has it that Circuit City and CompUSA may be return to being brick-and-mortar stores. The two chains went bankrupt and were later bought by Systemax and as we reported, Circuit City has since reemerged as an online-only store. Now, MSN reports that Systemax is planning to open several CompUSA stores in Houston and Chicago and wants to do the same for Circuit City... unless of course this is just one big April Fools’ joke come early. Speaking of which…

Don’t Be Fooled: Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day so prepare for a day of dubious headlines and maybe even some odd pranks in the workplace. In general, I would suggest you go easy on the office mayhem, but if you can’t resist, check out Popular Mechanic’s list of simple but relatively harmless pranks you can pull at work.

Tax Freedom Day: Back to some serious matters. We are approaching the final stretch of tax season, which means you are either one of two people: the kind who has finished their taxes and has moved on to more pleasant things or the kind who are biting their nails, arms and anything else in site out of frustration to finish on time.  If you are in the latter group and need some motivation, check out our comprehensive list of tax tips.

Working More to Pay Taxes: CNN Money is reporting that the average American had to work 99 days this year in order to pay for all their taxes, which is one more day than last year. However, some states have it much worse than others. In Connecticut, which has the highest per capita income, it takes 117 days to pay off their tax bill.

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