Get Money Back for Going Green

Americans can get more than just federal tax credits for their eco-friendly efforts. Cities, along with a few companies, are offering consumers incentives to go green.

People who purchase home appliances with the Energy Star logo, and hybrid and electric car buyers may get government incentives for being more environmentally friendly, but there are even simpler moves that can mean money back.

Rewards program Earth Aid, for example, awards points to households nationwide for green behavior in the form of electricity and water savings tracked by the organization’s software. Points can currently go toward discounts at local stores, and soon, at national retailers, reports USA Today.

But even large corporations are ramping up their green incentive efforts. CVS (Stock Quote: CVS) pharmacies are giving shoppers $1 back every four times they bring their own bags instead of using new plastic ones, USA Today notes.

Additionally, the cities of New York and Los Angeles, through rewards program RecycleBank, will give points to households that recycle. The points can be redeemed for grocery store gift cards as well as discounts on purchases made on eBay (Stock Quote: EBAY).

Some consumer products that are marketed as green aren't very useful or eco-friendly at all. Check out MainStreet's story, The Dumbest Green Gadgets.

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