We may not always appreciate the value of a good tomato – it usually just comes as a default with your sandwich or salad – but that’s all about to change.

The Wall Street Journal reports that tough weather conditions this winter have battered Florida’s tomato crop, which means Americans may have to cope with a tomato shortage. “Fresh tomatoes are in short supply because of the unusual spell of freezing temperatures that hugged Florida in January. The cold temperatures… destroyed roughly 70% of the tomato crop in Florida, which is the largest source of U.S.-grown fresh tomatoes this time of year,” the Journal reports.

Already, many chain restaurants are trying to adapt to this harsh tomato-deficient world. Tomato supplies are apparently running short at some Burger King stores, and Wendy’s has just instituted a “by request only” policy. And according to the Journal, Subway is switching to a different kind of tomato to “ensure that it has enough on hand.”

Even if you’re not a tomato connoisseur, you should still worry about your other veggie favs. One source told the Journal that corn may be next due to “severely cold weather from the South.” And what about lettuce? Even if it is unharmed by the weather, does anyone even eat lettuce without tomato?

This shortage may end up being even more traumatizing to Americans than the infamous Eggo Waffle shortage recently.

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