Is Netflix Coming to the iPhone?

For months, there have been rumors that Netflix, the online video rental and download site, would create an app for the iPhone (Stock Quote: AAPL). But now the rumors seem to be coming true.

TechCrunch reports that Netflix recently sent out a survey to some of its customers to determine their interest in having Netflix on the iPhone. “If this functionality were available, how likely would you or someone in your household be to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on your iPhone via a Wi-Fi network?” the survey asked.

However, there are still some obstacles. Watching Netflix would suck up a lot of bandwidth from AT&T’s Wi-Fi network, something the phone company has previously said it’s averse to. And TechCrunch also notes that Netflix could be perceived as a threat to Apple’s iTunes store.

Still, the demand for the App could outweigh all else. And as Wired notes, Netflix is already in the process of expanding its service to the Nintendo Wii, TiVo and other devices. (And they asked the same set of questions before introducing their service onto the Wii.) So it’s really not so far-fetched that they would consider pursuing smart phones.  However, it's important to consider that Netflix took its sweet time coming to the Wii, and though it announced a deal in January, there is still nothing tangible to show for it.

But the larger question is what will happen to our society if and when Netflix does become available on our phones. Will we ever be able to get work done again or hold a normal conversation? The iPhone is intrusive enough already with just the Internet, and in some ways it seems like a blessing in disguise that it doesn’t have flash or extensive video capabilities. This could be the final blow to civilization… or something.

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