Buy a Piece of Airplane Crash History

This may be your only chance to buy a famous non-functional aircraft, people, and at bargain basement prices (relatively speaking). The aircraft in question was the one from the so-called Miracle on the Hudson, when after some birds hit the engines, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger managed to land the stalled plane in New York’s Hudson River and all the passengers survived. Now Sully’s plane is up for auction.

As reported by WalletPop, “the Airbus A320, and not the pilot -- a military flyer with 40 years of experience in the cockpit who wrote a book about his ordeal -- is ready for its 15 minutes of fame. Chartis, the insurance company that represents U.S. Airways, recently put the narrow body plane up for auction on a New Jersey salvage lot.”

The auction is open for bids until March 27, giving you plenty of time to liquidate your 401k and take out a fat line of credit to buy this sucker. The plane, which when new has a sticker price of around $70 million, is worth considerably less now that everything in it (including electronics) are waterlogged and useless. It will “likely only fetch a couple hundred thousand dollars” according to an aircraft recycling expert.

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