Barbie Needs a Job

She’s got a great resumé, but some might argue it’s actually too diverse. Barbie has worked as an astronaut, police officer and zoologist (pictured here.) She’s even paid her dues in the food service industry at places like McDonald’s. In total, she’s worked more than 120 jobs, and now she's looking for a career change, but where does she go from here?

Mattel’s Web site is currently asking fans to vote for what Barbie’s next job should be. The five choices are environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor and computer engineer. The results of the poll will be announced on Feb. 12.

Already, some sites are trying to make their pitch for what Barbie’s new career should be. Wired is hoping Barbie will go a more "geeky" route and become a computer engineer, arguing this could be a great role model for young girls. Jennifer Nycz-Conner at The Washington Business Journal is also interested in seeing a Barbie that is more involved with math and science, but she is torn between computer engineer and surgeon. "Forget Barbie's Dream Car. Now it can be Barbie's Dream Scalpel Kit OR Dream Motherboard. Sweet." she writes.

All good points. However, I’d like to pitch a write-in option.

In the past, some have criticized Barbie for promoting questionable values to the young women of America. So perhaps the best job for Barbie to have right now is none at all. She might be a more useful role model for Americans as Unemployed Barbie. She could come equipped with job hunting tools, comfort foods and everything else the young unemployed American needs to find success in this difficult economy.

It’s just a thought. Our second choice is probably environmentalist, mainly because I think it’d be funny if they replaced Ken with Al Gore.

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