Black Friday Extrava-GUN-za

Lock and load. If you are in the market for some tax-free guns, and you live in South Carolina, good news. As reported by the New York Daily News, “The great state of South Carolina is putting its own sick twist on Black Friday with a tax holiday on firearm purchases. Not cars. Not clothes. Certainly not books. Just guns. For the 48 hours following Thanksgiving, gun buyers will enjoy a break of up to 9% in state and local taxes.”

Why so serious, New York Daily News? Let people have their bread and guns. The tax-free event is being hailed as an “extrava-gun-za” and the “Second Amendment Weekend” (I wish I could claim credit for the “extrava-gun-za” phrase myself). The other phrase is slightly less clever, since every weekend in America seems like Second Amendment Weekend. I don’t mean to disparage, though!

Interestingly, as the Daily News notes, South Carolina is among the top five states “that provide 85% of the illegal handguns recovered in New York City.” Also intriguing: The tax holiday was originally intended for energy efficient appliances as well, but apparently you can’t have “multiple matters” in a single bill. “The legislature solved the problem by dropping the energy efficiency part and keeping the firearms in time for this year's Black Friday. That was no doubt welcome news to the state's gun shops, which outnumber McDonald's in the Palmetto State by four to one.”

Yes, that’s right. If you buy something that is energy efficient, no special tax holiday for you (just those regular Energy Star tax incentives). But buy a tempting 50-caliber Desert Eagle (or a few; the perfect stocking stuffers!) and you will get that precious sales tax break.

You may not have a job (unemployment in South Carolina is at 11.7%). You may not have a house (17,009 foreclosures currently). You may not even have basic health insurance, even for catastrophic events. But by God, you will have tax-free firearm purchases this holiday weekend.

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