Banking Deals of the Week: Nov. 4

It’s a tough world out there, with Americans postponing their pursuit of the American dream to hunker down until the economic storm passes — and when that happens is anyone’s guess.

While we wait for a revival and focus on survival, let’s make the best of the situation by finding the best bank interest rate deals out there.


This week’s hunt starts in the savings account marketplace, where Discover Bank (Stock Quote: DFS) has a whopper of a savings rate — 1.75% as of Nov. 4.

That’s light-years ahead of the 0.22% average savings rate pegged by the BankingMyWay Weekly Savings Rate Tracker.

The Discover account is strictly an online savings account, with no minimum balance and the ability to set up automatic transfers from any bank checking or savings account.

The rate has fallen in recent weeks from 1.85% so it’s wise to act fast. For all the details, visit the bank's site.

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