Halloween Restaurant Freebies

If you don’t have a costume already, make one quick because the Halloween deals start tonight and go through this weekend. You just need the right outfit.

Tonight, TGIF is offering one-cent appetizers at their bar to anyone who wears a costume. The deal is good anytime between 9pm and when the bar closes as long as you buy a drink (non-alcoholic is fine). Forget Halloween – that just sounds like the best happy hour ever. Read more about the promotion on TGIF’s official site.

Other restaurant chains are giving away food on Halloween day. If you get tired of taking your kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, drive them over to Taco Bell. They are promoting their new Black Jack Taco by giving them away from 6pm to close. The new taco is filled with ground beef and a spicy Pepper Jack sauce. Scary delicious.

Taco Bell isn’t the only Mexican place dishing out freebies. Chipotle is too. However, not only do you have to wear a costume, but you have to dress up as an item on the menu. Your choices are burrito, bowl, taco or salad. We recommend the first option: just throw some tin foil on your head and you’re a burrito. Done.

Since kids also enjoy Halloween (it’s true), and need regular food to counterbalance their sugar intake (also true), you might want to take them to Uno’s Pizzeria. Kids in costume get to eat a make-your-own pizza for free.

But be sure to treat yourself to one of the above places, too, because kids get free candy all night long anyway, and unless you want to dress up as a scarier, older version of Harry Potter, you do not.

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