4 Ways to Great Auto Insurance Deals

There’s a lot more to getting the best auto insurance deals than listening to talking geckos. Knowing the ropes — especially the secret deals you can cut with insurers for your business — is all in the details.

Of course, the amount you pay in car insurance largely depends on your driving record, your credit score and where you live. According to Insurance.com, the lowest U.S. state averages can be found in Wisconsin or Iowa. The highest auto insurance rates are found in — big surprise — New Jersey.

No matter where you live, let's figure out some good ways to save money when you’re in the market for auto insurance.

Loyalty is a two-way street. Actually, when it comes your auto insurance deal, it’s a one-way street. So, if you’ve been with your auto insurer for five years, or even two or three years, see what kind of deal they’ll offer to keep your business. Test it by asking your insurer to beat the best deal you find out in the marketplace.

Ask and you shall receive. Insurers will cut all kinds of deals if you agree to play ball. For instance, if you manage your account online, or agree to pay your annual insurance debt in one payment, rather than in a series of monthly payments, you can cut 10% or more off your bill. But you have to ask.

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