Palin Goes Job Hunting

Quitting your job during a recession is inadvisable for most of us, but for Sarah Palin, the move seems to be paying off. Since resigning the governorship of Alaska in July, she got a seven-figure book deal, she’s been collecting generous speaking fees and she's still reaching out for more work by pushing into the world of social media.

The ex-governor recently posted her resume to LinkedIn, a popular career network where users can highlight their job backgrounds, career goals and reach out to past and present acquaintances. And according to her profile, Palin is interested in job inquiries, expertise requests and getting back in touch.

During the presidential campaign, many criticized Palin for being too inexperienced, but her resume is nonetheless very impressive.

Palin worked for two years and seven months as the Governor of Alaska. During this time, she also managed to work part-time as a Vice Presidential candidate (for less than a year). Before that, she worked as a chairman for an oil and gas conservation commission (1 year), a town mayor (6 years) and a council member (3 years).

She makes the right decision omitting high school and college careers, as well as her tenure on the basketball team, from her resume. Potential employers don’t need to see that.

However, perhaps unwisely, she chooses to leave out the details of what she accomplished in each position and forfeits the option to write a basic personal bio on the page. Instead, she lets her positions speak for themselves. But one might ask what differentiates her on paper from any other former governor?

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