Unemployment Grows Even Higher

More bad job news. Unempoyment numbers are out... just in time to ruin the weekend!

CNNMoney reports, "Employers cut more jobs from their payrolls in September and the unemployment rate hit another 26-year high" of 9.8% -- their story also notes that September was the 21st consecutive month where the number of workers on payrolls has decreased, and that 7.2 million jobs have been lost overall during this period.

For those looking for a silver lining here, there really isn't one... except maybe be glad you don't live in Afghanistan, where unemployment has recently been as high as 40%, in addition to a few other problems.

And many believe the "effective" unemployment rate may be much higher. If you were to include "involuntary part-time workers and those without work who have stopped looking for jobs and are not counted in the unemployment rate, the so-called underemployment rate rose to 17%."

We recently interviewed Ron Paul, who suggested unemployment may be as high as 20%. Also, Reuters reports that education and the health services sector added only 3,000 jobs -- so much for those being "hot" industries.

Maybe a career coach will help if you're looking for work, but hey: they're advisors, not shamanic miracle workers.

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