Paying Up to Go Home for Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, airlines will be tacking on more fees to make your Thanksgiving and New Year’s trips even more expensive.

Delta Air Lines (Stock Quote: DAL), American Airlines (Stock Quote: AMR) and United (Stock Quote: UAUA) are adding on holiday surcharges to their base ticket prices for flyers traveling on Nov. 29, Jan. 2 and Jan. 3, according to the Associated Press.  Flights this holiday season are 15% to 20% lower than they were a year ago, however, the AP says.

Instead of raising base ticket prices on some of the busiest traveling days of the year, the additional fee essentially amounts to a “fuel surcharge,” The Consumerist notes.

British Airways has gone even further, adding an additional fee for the privilege of choosing your own seat. To book your seat about 24 hours in advance, you’ll have to pony up about £10 to £60 (about $16 to $95).

And if you’re traveling internationally for the holidays, you may have to pay up if you have more than one bag to check. American, Continental (Stock Quote: CAL), Delta and US Airways are all charging at least $50 at the airport for a second checked bag on certain international flights, the AP notes. Some frequent fliers, coach passengers who pay the full fare and military personnel may be exempt.

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