Cash4Gold Drops Lawsuit Against Bloggers

Cash4Gold, which rose to national prominence after a Super Bowl ad (and whose business model is based on people blindly mailing off their gold jewelry simply because the TV tells them to do so), has dropped popular blog as a defendant in its lawsuits against two ex-employees, Michelle Liberis and Vielka Nephew.

We are happy to hear that the famously fierce defenders of consumer rights over at Consumerist are no longer named in the suit, and are also glad that Cash4Gold can now get back to what it is chiefly known for—cheesy television ads and profiting off of a soft yellowish metal that our species for some reason values highly.

Luckily, I literally own nothing made of gold, so I don’t have to decide whether Cash4Gold is the best value out there (according to Consumerist, it isn’t).

With the economy as it is, I feel it’s kind of frivolous to purchase anything that can’t be eaten or turned into a makeshift weapon… you know, in case of Armageddon.

Ben Popken, co-executive editor at Consumerist, told MainStreet via e-mail: "We're glad Cash4Gold has realized that prosecuting a meritless lawsuit against is a fruitless enterprise. For the sake of our former co-defendants Michele Liberis and Vielka Nephew, and for the rights of whistleblowers everywhere, we look forward to the courts swiftly vacating the improperly obtained default judgment against the defendants before Liberis and Nephew had obtained proper counsel. Deep pockets and legal bullying can't stop the truth."

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