How'd You Get Your Job?! Tips From A Recent Hire

We've heard soo much about unemployed folks who are unable to find new work in this trying job market. Enough of that sad jazz! MainStreet recently quizzed Laura (she preferred her last name be unpublished), who after 18 weeks of job searching in Manhattan landed a lucrative job as the online publicity manager for a large publishing company.


During the 18-week job search were you looking nonstop?
I was looking pretty hard, but I wouldn’t say nonstop. I probably dedicated 2 full days a week to job hunting, cover letter writing and following up on leads. The rest of the time I did some freelance work in order to pay my bills, and I managed to enjoy having the summer off, too.

Why did you leave your old job?
I was laid off in May 2009.

What’s your new job?
My new title is Online Publicity Manager at a large publishing company in New York. It’s a great job and I’m really happy with where I’ve landed.

How did you get it?
A former boss (who is a good friend) forwarded my resume along to several of her contacts right after I was laid off. One of them happened to be my new boss. It was almost karmic, because my qualifications were a great match to the job that had just opened up. I also had several good interviews and was tenacious in my follow-up.

Interview tips for prospective job seekers?
Use your network. All of my best interviews during my job hunt came through people I know. Always send a real, snail-mail thank you card in addition to an e-mail after an interview. It’s a nice touch after a good interview.

What would you say was the single biggest reason you got the job?
It was probably my direct connection to the person doing the hiring. Because my resume came to my new boss through someone she knows and respects, it was an automatic recommendation for the position. A few good interviews and strong references certainly didn’t hurt, either!

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