YOU Spent Way Too Much Time On Facebook In August

According to Nielsen NetView numbers for August, users spent on average five hours and forty-six minutes on Facebook—no doubt responding to friend requests, casually stalking long lost school acquaintances, and trying to figure out how to actually use Facebook (I’m talking to you, Mom).

To put that number into perspective, users spent an average of three hours and fourteen minutes surfing Yahoo! (Stock Quote: YHOO) and just seventeen minutes reading Wikipedia.

August’s Facebook usage was a whopping thirty-four minutes higher than in July; maybe you were uploading summer vacation pictures—or maybe your vacation was boring and Facebook was the antidote.

Even the almighty YouTube has nothing over Facebook’s Web traffic blackhole; users spent only an average of one hour, seventeen minutes watching videos of cats running into walls and a belligerent grandmother getting tasered by police.

And this really might shock you… in August, each of us viewed an average of 2,749 web pages and spent more than 69 hours at our computers. That’s the average. I’d hate to think what my own personal stats are. (If you are going to spend that much time on Facebook, you should burn at least a few minutes on our useful MainStreet page.)
Nielsen NetView - August 2009

Note: This information is for U.S. Internet traffic; for readers outside of the United States, usage statistics will be different—but chances are, you spend too much time on Facebook regardless of where you live.

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