Pro Sports Tickets: A Brave New Price Experiment

Sports ticket bargains are about as rare as a Cubs World Series ring.

Take the ducat deals facing Cowboy fans this football season. Members of the team's new stadium Founders Club will be paying as much as $153,400 per season ticket seat (that includes the $150,000 "seat option" for the stadium).

Other options cost $2,790, per seat, all fees included. That's less obscene, but far from cheap. (Of course with big prices supposedly come big amenities. Like a bottomless hot dog bar for high-rolling Cowboy yahoos.)

Now one professional hockey team is exploring another way to gouge (or is it relieve?), fan's pocketbooks: Flexible ticket pricing.

According to the Associated Press, the Dallas Stars are considering charging a varying fee for upper-level seats. Prices would depend on when a ticket is purchased and what the opposing team's record is.

Looking to catch a game against a top-tier team like the Boston Bruins on short notice? That will cost you more. Buying the same seat three weeks before some cellar dweller skates into town will be less.

The system designed by Austin-based software company Qcue is likened to airline pricing, reports the Associated Press.

It remains to be seen if the system will launch this year, or whether other leagues will adopt the model.

What do you think: Would you pay more to see better teams or seek out discounted games against weak opponents? Is this pricing change good for fans?

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