Pet Snuggies: Fun Splurge or Stupid?

If you thought a bandana or even a hooded sweatshirt was the cutest thing your dog could wear, when a chill in the air comes this fall or you and your furry friend are just lounging at home, you both can wear warm and fuzzy matching Snuggies.

Since its invention, the Snuggie, also known as the blanket with sleeves, has become a popular, kitschy (if not cultish) comfort item.

It’s become so popular in fact, that it’s brought on organized Snuggie pub crawls, an animal print Snuggie on Oprah, a sexy Snuggie fashion show and even a similar, Montel Williams branded “Toasty Wrap.”

All we need now are Snuggies made of ShamWow fabric for babies to protect their clothes when they salivate (or worse).

And possibly discriminating against cat lovers, Snuggies for Cats are also missing from the market. However, dog Snuggies come in four sizes: extra-small, small, medium and large, and could accommodate your feline companion as well.

Pet Snuggies also have adjustable hook and loop fastener tabs to ensure a perfect fit and they’re specifically made for both indoor and outdoor use.

And this Snuggie, upgraded from the version made for lazy humans (but not quite as cool as the ones made by industrious humans), come at a fairly reasonable price. The Snuggie for Dogs costs $14.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling compared with the $19.95 plus the same shipping charge for the traditional Snuggie for humans.

If you have a second furry friend, you can get an additional pet Snuggie free if you double the shipping charge, and if you have an actual human friend, you can get the same deal with the traditional Snuggie.

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