Would You Buy That Mattress Again?

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Buying a bed is no picnic. Comparison shopping is almost impossible because different retailers rarely call a model by the same name. And you're apt to make that expensive decision after trying out a bed for just a few minutes in the store.

But our new survey might help. We found real differences when we asked 17,444 online subscribers who bought a bed in the past few years about their satisfaction with the brand and the store.

Forty-one percent said they'd definitely buy the mattress brand they currently own if they had to do it over. Forty-three percent said they'd probably buy it again. An unhappy 16 percent said they'd probably or definitely pick something else. Here are the details:

Some brands were better

Respondents who bought Tempur-Pedic, Original Mattress Factory brand and Select Comfort mattresses were much more satisfied than those who bought Spring Air and Stearns & Foster models. They were significantly more likely to say they would definitely buy those brands again.

Any new mattress beats an old one

Seventy-two percent of readers said their new bed improved their sleep. If yours is uncomfortable, consider replacing it even if it's only five or so years old.

Satisfaction at what price?

Seventy-eight percent of those who spent more than $4,000 said they were highly satisfied with their purchase. But 66% of those who spent less than $1,000 were also highly satisfied.