7 Beach Essentials, $25 or Less

A day at the beach is one of the least expensive warm-weather activities around.

Keep it on the cheap with these seven surf- and sand-essentials, guaranteed to boost your experience but not break your summer fun budget:

1. Roomy totes. This spacious number comes with a straw beach mat and side holder for easy transport from car to sand. Price: $24.

2. High-SPF sunscreen. Our go-to is Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 55 because it’s lightweight, easy on sensitive skin and budget-friendly. Price: $9.50.

For the body, our pick is the brand’s water- and sweat-proof continuous-spray mist with cooling effects and SPF 30. Price: $10.

3. Wide umbrella. This bestseller has a sturdy six-foot steel pole and is made from SPF 50 polyester fabric. We like the beachy-blue multicolor design and the recessionista cost. Price: $20.

4. Sturdy, sand-friendly towels. Face it, bath towels at the beach simply don’t work. Luckily you don’t have to pay high prices to get stylish, over-sized styles that hold up to surf and sand. We adore this classic nautical stripe, even without the small price tag. Price: $3.50

Wanna go luxe? Try this ultra-plush, extra-wide (54” x 68”), two-person style, perfect for drying off or taking a nap under the sun. Price: $22.50

If you’ve already got the soft wear, just go for a four-piece set of flipflop clips that hold your blankets and towels in one spot. Price: $8.

5. Multi-purpose cooler. Transport just about anything with a backpack-cooler-in-one designed for active families. It’s got an insulated section for hot or cold food, a zipper pocket for beach must-haves and a sealed waterproof lining to stop leaks. Price: $25.

6. Waterproof camera. Unless you’re paparazzi, you’re probably not interested in taking a high-end camera in wet, sandy conditions. The alternative? This FujiFilm 12. Waterproof 35 mm Disposable version can take the heat and works up to 35 feet underwater. Price: $9

7. Plastic serving tray. Keep sand and snacks separate with an acrylic platter that can rest on blankets, cooler tops or directly on the beach. Great for pool- and deck-side, too. Price: $20.

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