IPhone 4S Users Love Siri, Hate the Battery

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Owners of the new iPhone 4S seem to have a love/hate relationship with it, according to a survey by ChangeWave Research, the research division technology analyst firm the 451 Group.

Users love Siri, the digital assistant built into the phone. They love how easy the phone is to use. And they love the souped-up camera that, at 8 megapixels, is an upgrade from the previous iPhone's 5-megapixel camera.

But they have a few gripes as well: 38% of survey respondents griped about the poor battery life, which has been a subject of many complaints since the phone’s introduction. While 40% said they found the phone's battery life to be worse than their previous phones, only 8% described it as a “very big problem.” Since the survey was conducted, Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) has delivered a fix in a software update, but reviews have been mixed.

Some users also complained that the phone lacks some of the features of high-end Android phones, including support for 4G data service and a larger screen.

Despite these gripes, impressions of the phone are positive on the whole. Virtually all iPhone 4S owners expressed satisfaction with the gadget, with 77% describing themselves as “very satisfied” and another 19% saying they are “somewhat satisfied.” That compares favorably with a similar survey conducted right after the release of the iPhone 4, when 72% said they were “very satisfied” and 21% said they were “somewhat satisfied.” While that's a marginal difference, it can likely be attributed to the dropped-call problem of the original iPhone 4, which the study finds is much less of a problem with the new phone.

The survey was conducted in November through interviews with 215 iPhone 4S users.

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