The Hiring Process: From Posting to Position

NEW YORK (MainStreet) —These days, the length of a job search is as varied as the types of positions that get advertised on popular job boards.
“You could be hired on the spot or it can take six months for a company to fill a position,” says Charles Purdy, a career expert with

“Companies right now are being very diligent and picky about their hiring” agrees Rusty Rueff, career and workplace expert for “They’re adopting longer, more stringent practices.”

Still, most companies generally aim to fill an advertised position within 30 to 90 days of a job posting’s initial appearance.  Whether you can expect a particular job to fall on the low or high end of that depends on several factors.

For instance, Carolyn Hughes, vice president of people for, a job aggregation site, says management positions typically take longer to fill than entry-level ones, since they often require an extra round of interviews with company higher-ups who may have busy schedules. Additionally, planned hires determined by a company’s budget, for example, can take longer to fill than positions that a company wasn’t expecting to be vacant, thanks to a heightened sense of urgency. 

Summer and holiday job searches tend to last longer because those in charge of hiring and the candidates selected for interviews have less availability as they go on vacations. Conversely, searches that start right after the holidays are often expedited.

“Hiring managers may say ‘I want to hurry up and hire before my budget is cut,’” Rueff says, adding that hiring process may be shortest from January through April.

Company size, on the other hand, offers less insight into how long the hiring process can take.

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