Firefox 6: The 3 Add-Ons You Should Download

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Mozilla is scheduled to do a proper roll-out of the newest version of its hugely popular browser Firefox on Tuesday, but for those users who are particularly eager to get their hands on the new Firefox 6, Mozilla has made the update available for download one day early.

Most of the changes in the newest version are cosmetic tweaks that make the browser look sleeker. As with any version of Firefox, the best features are arguably the add-ons one can download for free, so MainStreet rounded up three essential extra features that you should get now, regardless of whether you’re planning to switch to Firefox 6 right away or stick with the previous version. 


Before you download any other Firefox extension, be sure to get Adblock Plus, which will prevent all those annoying pop-up advertisements from bombarding you. Not only will this make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable, it may also stop you from making as many impulse buys online. 

Web of Trust

The Web of Trust add-on factors in millions of user reviews to rate each website’s reputation so you can determine how safe it is before you click on it. As an added feature, the add-on also has a parental control setting that blocks any sites with a rating level that indicates it’s inappropriate for children.

Invisible Hand

There are dozens of price comparison tools on the Web, but the great thing about the Invisible Hand add-on is that it will perform a price comparison while you’re shopping even if you forget to do it yourself. If you visit a webpage for a product and that item is available for less elsewhere, Invisible Hand will automatically notify you of where you should look to buy it at a lower price.

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