5 Things Real Estate Agents Will Do for Free

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With the housing slump not looking to end anytime soon, real estate agents, brokers and licensees continue to look for ways to remain competitive in a slow market. These extra efforts often include offering several services that span beyond simply helping someone buy or sell a home.

“A lot of these services, people don’t know to ask for,” Justine Smith, a principal agent at Moxie Realty Group in Austin, Texas, tells MainStreet.  Since some companies have stuck to a more traditional business model, Smith explains that knowing what services are being offered free of charge by others can help consumers differentiate between agents in their area.

As such, MainStreet talked to real estate experts to find out what services many agents are willing to provide in an effort to keep your business.

Home Staging

Since first impressions can be key in swiftly selling a home, Austin Allison, a former realtor and current CEO of DotLoop, a company that specializes in helping real estate agents expand their technological offerings, says many real estate agencies now provide home staging as part of their listing package.

“Most proactive companies actually have a staging team or partner with a staging team,” he says. These representatives do more than just provide a few suggestions for making your home more attractive to potential buyers. In many instances, they will come and overhaul your home before they start showing it to potential buyers. 

Many real estate companies will also put together a virtual tour of the house that can be viewed online for no extra charge as well. Allison says this service has becoming increasingly popular as more and more homebuyers start the process of finding a new home by looking at internet listings.

Property Value Analysis

Smith explains that most real estate agents will conduct an in-depth analysis of a property’s value for a homeowner, using the data the agency has on record for recent sales in the area to determine its actual worth.

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