Get an iPad 2 ... at Toys R Us?

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – If there’s one persistent criticism of Apple’s new iPad 2, it’s that there aren’t enough of them.

Apple Stores keep selling out, online orders take weeks to fulfill and retailers like Best Buy (Stock Quote: BBY) have extremely limited availability. But the supply crunch eased up a bit with the news that the iPad 2 officially went on sale on Sunday at Toys R Us.

Sure, most people don’t think of the iPad as a toy, but that doesn’t mean well-to-do parents won’t buy the $500+ gadget for their tweens and toddlers. Apple has certainly touted the massive selection of games available on its App Store for use on the device.

Not every Toys R Us location will be carrying the iPad 2 though, and the retailer has listed the locations currently selling the device on its website. And we’ll be interested to see how long supplies last at participating stores. We’re sure hardcore Apple fans won’t hesitate to venture into a toy store to get the latest device, and since sales began on Sunday, it’s possible your local store has already sold out.

So if you see a store near you on that list, we suggest you get there sooner rather than later if you want to get your hands on one of these digital hotcakes.

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